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About us

Phos Business Link is the sole of its kind that has almost everything a company needs to succeed in this sophisticated era. We are registered under the companies ACT of the 1992 under the laws of Ghana, since 2017.

As a unique and distinguished entity, Phos Business Link is the only company that is able to nurse a business from conception to maturity. Our services are diverse and offer our clients great satisfaction in addressing their needs. Phos Business Link is designed to create ideas and connect them to realities in order to attain maximum productivity and hence great returns.

We make businesses enjoy the worth of their existence through the rich experience behind our deliveries.


Previous Projects

HA Foundation
City Xtra Gh
Niq Global Consult


We have an incredible record of building global brands and converting many ideas into business. We have in the past years given life to dying business and have as well given birth to incredible business entities that are doing tremendously well. Phos Business Link has for these reasons remained the first point of call to our clients in West Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.


We at Phos Business Link are highly motivated by the hunger of businesses to expand and reach their maximum potential. This is where we become absolutely relevant, because that is where our excellence lays the most. We combine experience and expertise from Europe, Africa and the Middle East in our approach to put our clients on the global view. We appreciate the desire of our clients to reach millions across the world, which we make possible with ease

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create that which never existed. We believe ideas remain ideas until they have received life to actualise. We envision creating the right links between dreams and realities. Most importantly, we believe every business that approaches us should succeed.

Lastly, we are on a mission that looks at instituting the joy in work which in return should produce enough wealth – and that is what we are excellent at doing. We envisage becoming the world’s leading solution to dying business and major boost to successful ones.

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What we do

Trade & Investment

We pay a very strong attention to Investment, and strongly to FDIs and Bilateral Economic activities. This service is a main focus for us as an entity and we give it the necessary dedication.

Branding & Marketing

The success story of every company equates its brand. Giving classic and modern brand identity to our clients is one of our most trusted avenues. No business can succeed in the global or local market without a sort of marketing.

I.T. Solutions

Our hardworking I.T team works with very smart approaches in putting our clients in the lead in the world of technology.

Translation Bureau

This service has to do with translating documents from other languages to English and vice versa. This service plays a very vital role in West Africa and beyond to increase a much friendlier business environment.

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  • Email: enquiries@phosbusinesslink.com
  • Mobile: +233502066031
  • Whatsapp: +233245006271
  • Location: Ancilla Street, North Legon. Accra Ghana