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Trade & Investment

We pay a very strong attention to Investment, and strongly to FDIs and Bilateral Economic activities. This service is a main focus for us as an entity and we give it the necessary dedication. Our strong relationship with the Government and Government Agencies as well as Private Business Leads even makes it more productive.

Our inter-market introduction service happens to be one of the most imperative because of the enormous opportunities it creates for imports and exports and most especially business investments, networking and partnerships. Businessmen and investors who are ready to explore new markets stand to always benefit greatly from this service with and/or without their physical presence. Our business development initiatives are second to none.


  • We put you in touch with the right and desired partners/service providers
  • We provide thorough information on the West African market
  • We offer guide on doing business within the region
  • We attach outstanding marketing to promote our clients products and presence
  • We provide support on company registration across the West African region through
  • Our strong and experienced partners across the region.
  • Our clients also benefit from our business representation service
  • In addition to the above, our IMI team avails itself in organising networking events,
  • Seminars to give a significant boost to our clients’ performance in a new market.